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basic rules

For the renegades, the rule-breakers, the misfits, for us. Come build your online business with a group of badass people who get it!

Welcome to The Social Renegader’s Community! This group is open to anyone who is interested in building a community with a successful and authentic business online.

I strive to have this be a safe space of learning and growth. Welcome in!

In this group there will be daily threads you can get involved in. I will be sharing a hell of a lot of free knowledge and tools in here in posts of my own or live videos.

I reserve the right to delete any comments of and/or ban anyone who is more self-promote-y than helpful. If I can search your name and see that you are taking much more than you are giving, I may show you the door.

Please do not:

- Link to your course/sales page under the guise of wanting feedback when you haven’t asked for any specific type of feedback. These will be seen as sales attempts and will be deleted.

- Private message any member of this group without their permission.

- Promote your Facebook group or website without permission from me. I have a weekend thread for you to post about your sale, latest blog post, etc.

I reserve the right as the host, to delete posts that I do not feel are in alignment with the values of this fantastic group--we are here to build our community and do so among fellow biz buddies who are also striving for mutual greatness. We do this by working hard, being open & kind.

If you have any issues with any members within this group or want to talk about a collaboration, please contact me privately.

Thank you so much for being here. I attribute all my success to my community, so I am excited to help you build yours.