How to use Pinterest for your business

Using Pinterest for your business is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and online shop. You can reach your business goals with ease using Pinterest. It is so easy to get started too. Learn how to use Pinterest for Business and start today.

A few things to know about Pinterest for business

It is not a social account. This isn’t about how many followers you have or liking and commenting. Pinterest is a search engine and in many ways, it is even better than Google!  

It’s not like Facebook or Instagram, where engagement is important. So it’s important to invest a bit of time to first understand how Pinterest works.

People come to Pinterest to be inspired and to find the thing they didn’t know they needed. With content literally being refreshed and updated daily, it blows Google out of the water in terms of having relevant information. Try searching for a avocado pesto sauce and you might be seeing the same ones several weeks later on Google where on Pinterest you might see 7 different ones each time. The benefits of a Pinterest business account are so important.

Like so many before me, when I first began my business I didn’t have a Pinterest strategy at all, but I knew it was something to watch. So I started to take the time to learn about the platform.

Real talk first, because I always bring the no BS advice. Many Pinterest peeps have really unrealistic expectations about how to create a successful Pinterest account. You can’t expect that if you pin a bunch of pretty images out onto Pinterest you’re all set! It extends way beyond this friends.

Pinterest is a slow burner, but wow, once you start that flame, it will take off! The challenge for many small biz owners and bloggers is they think that they can just wing it on Pinterest.

If you're not seeing the major traffic benefits of Pinterest, you may be making one of these Pinterest mistakes.  

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Pinterest is a search and discovery network. Because of that, it is all about the keywords. You want to be putting keywords in your pins and board descriptions so that your pins and your profile can become searchable. We want people finding you through the search bar.

Without keywords in place then you simply will not be showing up in the search, plain and simple.

After you post a new blog post or product, pin it to Pinterest and update the pin description with relevant keywords. I currently am able to do a lot of this with my meta description and alt tags on my Wordpress site before I even pin it. I touch on this a little on this blogging post but again if you are really lost about this technical side, send me a message and let’s chat.

I promise you that there are thousands of people searching for what you have to offer. So by putting these keywords into place you can start getting your pins in front of them. Doing this one simple thing can drive tons of targeted traffic to your site every. single. day. I have done research and found some Pinterest trends for every month of the year. You can access that by joining by Renegade library.

Learn how to use Pinterest online course

Aside from my own online course, Pinterest Punk, I do offer a free Pinterest challenge where I teach you all the mega basics to get you started right away. It is important to lay the right foundation. Don’t worry if you already have a personal account, you can switch it to a business account very easily.

Pinterest has been a major part of my success this year with both The Social Renegade and Punky Moms. Aside from having many pins go “viral” I have hit the 1 million view mark on Pinterest itself! It is not that difficult to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest and so I will keep shouting it from the rooftops. Get on this platform. NOW!

No excuses. You can find time to learn these skills. Pinterest needs to be apart of your marketing strategy this year. Sign up for my free Pinterest challenge now!