Top Tips To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Time

Top tips for working moms. My time is precious. I bet yours is too. As a working parent, I am constantly in many different directions and many different times. Whether it is keeping on top of housework or finding time to schedule my social media, in order to get the most out of my cherished free time I had to know where my business was going.

My time is precious. I bet yours is too. As a working parent, I am constantly in many different directions and many different times. Whether it is keeping on top of housework or finding time to schedule my social media, in order to get the most out of my cherished free time I had to know where my business was going.

What is your business doing this year? What is it doing this month? Do you have product launches planned? Sales coming up? Have you written down your goals yet? (Check How To Set Your Goals For The Year)

No? Do it now, I will wait.

Done? Cool. Welcome back! Ready to tackle them? I hope so because they are now going to become apart of what your weekly and daily tasks are about

Those goals might change so don’t worry about it, but it’s important to have your general plan for at least the next few months.

PS. This doesn’t just apply to just work, but also life goals like staying fit and spending quality time with family. Time blocking for ourselves, making sure we are eating or doing food prep so we aren’t grabbing for the crap food cause it’s within reach and you haven’t thought about what you were having for lunch.

I digress…

Let’s talk about my top tips that are going to help you make the most out of your time.

One of best parts of being in business for yourself is being able to take something you love and do it forever. Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life...

Yeah. Cool. Did they ever say how trying to keep on top of accounting while running said business is enough to kill and break us slowly…

It can be hard being a creative with no clue how to do the other business stuff? I know it can seem overwhelming. Creating systems for your business to help you be profitable does not come naturally. All I have learned has been through years of experience and researching.

However when you can see your goals and your daily and weekly outlines you will start being able to make this passion you have work for your career. That is indeed a beautiful thing.

Stop Making Lists

Oh man, this was a hard one for me because I loooooovvveeeee lists. I love the satisfaction of crossing things off it. However, this doesn’t help your mindset. Instead you gotta look at the bigger picture aka your goals. Do your plans need to be reevaluated?

Go for it! No one is going to give you permission. Go for it with a plan. How are you going to do it? What resources do you need? Want to go back to school? Have a new idea? Get a business plan together! If it feels right, do it. We are all designed in this life to create and do something meaningful.


Know Which Tasks Are Actually Important

It’s critical to know in your business, which actions are getting results and which are not. Take a look at last year. What had you running around in circles? The tasks that feel urgent are not always the most important. You need to have the guts to stop wasting time on the stuff that is not getting you the end result. For me it is about making money, is it the same for you?

This past year I was working because I loved what I did….so in turn I was working ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Balance is important and you have to have that check in every so often to center yourself where it needs to be. Once I finish this, things will slow down, but they never slow down cause you take on more stuff that is taking you away from your goal. Do you think big companies get their ideas at 3am and work on them the next day. Nah, they plan it out and start working on Christmas ideas in August.


Prioritize Effectively

Once you have that understanding, it’s time to prioritize…and actually stick to it. It’s like Indiana Jones, stop trying to run away from the big boulder. Picking up all those small tasks while running away from the bigger one is not helping. Finishing those small items for a sense of accomplishment provides nothing of value to your company or your life.


Putting off that big important task will kill you in the end and procrastination will have won and you will have failed and you will feel sad.  If you really want to see a level of high performance, take a few minutes at the end of your day and map out what tomorrow looks like. I don’t mean lying in bed filled with anxiety of all the stuff you have to do. Change the mindset there.

Have A Partner

You are not alone. I repeat, you are not alone. Having a partner will be different for all of you. I have a few people who I know I can talk to and bounce my crazy ideas off before I put them into action. I very rarely do it alone.

For Punky Moms, I’ve now got a team who can help me get my goals done and when I put something out in the universe to that team, I become accountable. We all become accountable. 

It’s taken me awhile to build my team so by no means is that an overnight thing, but for now start with one person. Maybe it is your spouse or your BFF. Maybe it is the members of the free Social Renegade Facebook Group or my paid accountability group.

You say you want to put a presale on, do you need a partner? Do you need help watching the kids so you can get some dedicated work time in? Speak up! At home, I have dedicated work nights and nights that I can just hang and watch TV with my husband.  My son is also in part time care during the days 3 days a week so I can legit work. None of these would have been possible if I didn't have a partner who understood what I was trying to achieve and that I needed his help to do it.  Don’t sell yourself short. You are trying to run a business and you cannot do that on nap times alone.  

My time is precious. I bet yours is too. As a working parent, I am constantly in many different directions and many different times. Whether it is keeping on top of housework or finding time to schedule my social media, in order to get the most out of my cherished free time I had to know where my business was going.


It Is OK To Say NO

I mentioned in my Facebook live video the other day about how important it is to give yourself rest. Having your hands in a hundred different places will make you fail miserably. Learning how to say no is paramount and giving yourself time to relax is the ultimate.

Think for a moment before responding to any non-urgent email. You don’t always have to take on that collaboration or go to that event to network. You need to take care of yourself and protect your time and energy, so you can get things done! Producing quality work is way more important than producing quantity of okay work. 

Handle Those Emails Like A Boss

Stop what you are doing right now. How do you handle your emails? Watching emails arrive is one of the greatest productivity destroyers of the modern age. Technology is great and email should be used as the wonderful tool it is. Try not to check your email until you’ve decided what you want or need to accomplish that day. Want to get radical? Try shutting off the automatic email download, turn off notifications, and start fetching them at only specific times of day.

Productive People Know How To Delegate

Are you a perfectionist? Ha, pay attention. You gotta learn to let some stuff go babe. Starting a biz is like a baby and letting go is hard, I get it. However, you won’t grow if you don’t loosen your grip.

Focus your time and energy to what you are the best at. Know what your strengths are and delegate to your team or outsource. Yes this includes someone to come and clean your house (Hell Yes). I know that by hiring someone to come and clean that I can make double that by working instead.

Delegate any task that someone else can do better or for less money. Allow others to help you shine by putting in their best work and you’ll find you have a lot more time to focus on other tasks. You know how you can do that, yeah by hiring me…

Need another example? It can be hard talking about finances but when you know your numbers, you can have soooo much more freedom. If you can do it weekly, awesome. For me, I keep it to the last Friday of the month. Yeah, it means I am not writing blog posts that day (I do that Thursday), or scheduling my week in social media (I do that on Wednesdays). I use Wave for my own use and so far that is what is working for me, but don’t fear if you want to hire that out.

Does your goal include taking a trip this year? Well you better believe that paying attention to your finances is imperative to reaching THAT goal.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Don’t surround yourself in stress. Too many papers and books surrounding you and your brain will start getting frazzled. It makes it difficult to work or focus. The day I started making my bed in the morning was a life changer. It set the precedent that my day was going to be awesome. Too much clutter also means wasted time looking repeatedly for items you thought you just had a second ago. You’re dwelling about all the things you should be doing and it takes away from concentrating on the stuff you need to be doing.  

Last but not least…

Make Time For Reflection

Planning and self-development for the win! 

I’ve mentioned before, those goals are going to change so give yourself time to refocus and look back and forward. Instead of taking your phone into the bath with you, go solo and reflect. Get all namaste on it.

For me, I do it every 3 months. For you that might look completely different. As I stated at the beginning of this, what was not working for you last year? Only by knowing this can you truly move forward and have this be the most exciting and profitable year of your business yet!

Your Ultimate Badass Business Plan

It's hard as a parent to plan even next week sometimes so I have created a 90 day plan that will help you break down what is most important for the precious time you have. It will help you and your business gain momentum. You don’t want to wait until the end of the year to see results, do you?  No, you want to see success early on, and regularly because that will propel you to keep going. Once purchased you will receive a link to download the file to print. You can use this file a million times over but please do not share or reproduce it. This file comes in A4 size so if you need an American 8x10, please contact me directly. 

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