How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Small Business


Let’s start with legit facts about Pinterest.

There are 175 million monthly users on Pinterest (75 million are from the US).

81% of those are female identified

67% of Pinners are under 40-years-old

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest

Do these stats sounds like somewhere your Ideal Customer might be?? There sure are for me!

Yes, Pinterest is a literal marketing gold mine that is very underrated. I took a survey on my Instagram Stories this week and discovered that over 60% of you were not using it at all!!! I’ve been talking with my clients about it a lot this past year since I could prove that once I started taking it seriously, I tripled my traffic at Punky Moms and here.

A few things to know about Pinterest

It is not a social account. This isn’t about how many followers you have or liking and commenting. Pinterest is a search engine and in many ways, it is even better than Google!  

It’s not like Facebook or Instagram, where engagement is important. So it’s important to invest a bit of time to first understand how Pinterest works.

People come to Pinterest to be inspired and to find the thing they didn’t know they needed. With content literally being refreshed and updated daily, it blows Google out of the water in terms of having relevant information. Try searching for a avocado pesto sauce and you might be seeing the same ones several weeks later on Google where on Pinterest you might see 7 different ones each time.

Last but not least, it is a slow burner. Putting these actions I will be discussing into place does not mean that tomorrow you will have 50 new orders come through. This is about thinking ahead and having things on rotation. With the right bit of planning, you can put this part of your business on autopilot and start seeing those sales and views come trickling in.

Got it? Ok, let’s get started.

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The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have a business account. You can of course start a new one if your business has nothing to do with the type of pins you have been pinning. It might be best to then open up a new account and start fresh. If you think some boards and pins can be saved, then I suggest you merge over to a business account. There is no reason to be scared by these initial steps. You can find out how to do it here at Pinterest.The most important task will be verifying your domain so that way Pinterest views you as a legit business. This will involve a little bit of code on your website. If you really can’t wrap your brain around doing this, go ahead and send me a message and we can chat about getting this done for you.

Now let’s assume that you are starting fresh. I’m going to talk about the basic foundation you will need and what are the most important steps you need in your Pinterest Marketing plan.


As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a search and discovery network. Because of that, it is alllll about the keywords. You want to be putting keywords in your pins and board descriptions so that your pins and your profile can become searchable. We want people finding you through the search bar.

Without keywords in place then you simply will not be showing up in the search, plain and simple.

Maybe you have heard of domain authority? This has to do with the type of content being shared from your site. Is it awesome content? Are people sharing from your site? Is your site spammy? By treating Pinterest like the search engine it is, you must make it a priority to focus on Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. The strategies can actually become like second nature. These techniques help to increase the number of visitors that come to your website.   

After you post a new blog post or product, pin it to Pinterest and update the pin description with relevant keywords. I currently am able to do a lot of this with my meta description and alt tags on my Wordpress site before I even pin it. I touch on this a little on this blogging post but again if you are really lost about this technical side, send me a message and let’s chat.

I promise you that there are thousands of people searching for what you have to offer. So by putting these keywords into place you can start getting your pins in front of them. Doing this one simple thing can drive tons of targeted traffic to your site every. single. day.

I also recently have been adding a few hashtags to my pin descriptions which also help my pins get categorize with other relevant pins. This is a new feature of Pinterest but I would not go overboard with hashtags. Really like 3 max.

Are you asking "How can I find the best keywords on Pinterest?"

I find that the best way is right on Pinterest itself! Simply go to the Pinterest search bar and type in possible keywords that you might use for a blog post title(s). I recently updated an old blog post by typing in Baby Led Weaning Ideas and the Pinterest system populated other relevant keywords that I ended up using right in my pin description.  This is a pretty easy method and one that you should definitely be using.

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This is so freaking important. From my personal experience, most business owners and bloggers gain success on Pinterest from their pins being visually pleasing.

How to make your pins awesome:

Create Vertical Pins: You can read a million articles on this but normally vertical pins stand out more than horizontal pins in the Pinterest smart feed. Since I use Canva for Business, they already have Pinterest friendly templates in 735 px x 1102 px - This size has worked great for me. On Punky Moms, I make them a little bit smaller so they don’t overtake the article, but here at Social Renegade I make them be the first thing you see. You may need to test out some vertical sizes and see which ones work best for your brand. Also consider making several pinnable images for each blog post, and don’t be shy about re-pinning to the same board.

Add A Clever Title: This is also very important. When creating titles think about how you can help your audience achieve something. Most people get on Pinterest because they are looking for answers so I try and make my pin titles “solutions”. A lot of my “How To” posts do extremely well.

Brand The Pins: This means make sure your actual pin includes your brand colors and fonts. Also very important to make sure to put your website somewhere on the pin so that users will start to learn your brand on your Pinterest pins. Below is a few examples of some of my Pinterest pins that have done really well with my branding.

How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Small Business - Pinterest image examples.jpg


This does not mean you have to be on the platform every day personally but it does mean you should be pinning every day. Pinterest is constantly rewarding active pinners by recommending their pins and boards to other interested users. How do you pin regularly with all that extra free time you have?? By using scheduling software and automating it!

The most popular automation program at the moment is Tailwind. I love it. I did use BoardBooster but as of June 2018, I updated this article since they shut down for not being an approved Pinterest partner anymore. Tailwind is.

Tailwind is really where you are able to schedule your pins to your boards and others and get serious about analytics. You can also pin from your Instagram account which is very helpful for both Punky Moms and Social Renegade where I spend lots of time on too.

You do need to set aside some time to batch schedule your posts so whether that is once a week or once a month, make it work.

You might be wondering which Pinterest scheduler is right for you? You can also use Buffer or Hootsuite, but for me personally, they don't do what I need. You can see the full list of Pinterest approved partners here.

Click here to get a free month with Tailwind. (affiliate link cause it’s awesome).

Don’t forget that no matter which scheduler you use,  you must do some manual pinning on your own. Check in once a day if you can and pin other pinner’s content: I also take about 5-10 mins to search my smart feed to find other relevant posts that fit in with my niche and repin some of those pins to my boards.

Take some time this week and plan out what you will pin this month and then do some content planning for the the next season going forward. Investing the time in planning will get that great content out there that will lead to people engaging with you and your site. (90 Day Badass Planner can help).

What Am I Supposed To Pin?

Pinterest trends   what to pin every month   the social renegade

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Group Boards and Tribes

Once upon a time back before 2014, group boards were an awesome way to get your pins seen. You could join group boards and pin your stuff in there and then it was awesome because your pin would be seen by everyone in there. I personally don’t find group boards to be as relevant as they were and should be used as a way to really get specific with your niche. I’m re-working a couple I am on and getting picky about them. If you want to try and find some group boards you can have a snoop and look at Pinterest accounts of influencers in your niche to see what group boards they are a member of. You can also find the top 100 boards for every category on Board Booster ;)

Tribes work pretty much the same way on Tailwind. You can search within the Tailwind program to find a tribe. Join a tribe that has similar styles of pins and do your part and pin other’s content. There are Tribes you can join which cover a certain topic such as Baking, Blogging, Babies etc. Like with anything, you get out what you put in, I spend some time each week re-pinning from tribes to my schedule and in return I’ve reaped the rewards. I really use Tribes and Group Boards to find content to repin. However, when you pin a pin to a Tribe it’s not yet published on Pinterest. Basically, it is an invitation for other Tribe Members to pin your pin if they like to their schedule.

There are certain rules you need to follow within each Tribe please check with each Tribe you join individually. I have seen amazing results from Tribes and it has really boosted my Pinterest traffic immensely. The Basic Tailwind option allows you to join 5 Tribes and a certain amount of pins. You can increase that if you upgrade.


Once you have really had a read of all this and you want to go a little further, I recommend you to look at the interests of your audience using Pinterest analytics. Taking a close look at your analytics will give you such amazing info about what your audience is interested in. It could be something within your niche that you just hadn’t thought of before. This is a great way to forecast and plan some future trends. Also see the free Pinterest Trends calendar I created (link at bottom). 

You can do this by logging into your Pinterest account and checking out your analytics. Click on the “people you reach” section. This will show you demographics that are broken up into all of the various audiences who pin your pins (as well as your followers). Paying special attention to all the audiences is really important.

This action tip can really help to connect you with what’s happening on Pinterest and what people are actually interested in. Keep playing around with it and find out what pins and topics are really popular. Don’t do this everyday but make sure to check in every month. It will serve as a springboard for new boards to create on your profile and new topics to pin about.There is a lot of information that is really valuable to your content strategy within Pinterest analytics. The information is there for you to use for free, so use it!

Remember that Pinterest marketing is about knowing your ICA person and knowing what they’re searching for. That will give you new blog content or product ideas to encourage them to click through to your site.

If you have any questions or want to talk over building a Pinterest strategy plan - please send me a message. I love chatting to you all.

What Am I Supposed To Pin?

Pinterest trends   what to pin every month   the social renegade

Learn what the latest Pinterest trends are with this awesome calendar download. 12 months of what is hot delivered straight to your inbox!

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