What You Need To Know About Facebook Ads

What you need to know about Facebook ads. You love them, you hate them. Let's discuss the most effective way to use this as part of your small business marketing strategy.

Let’s start with the facts regarding facebook.

There are two billion people on Facebook. More than half of all internet users access Facebook every month.

You should know by now if your Ideal Customer is hanging out on Facebook. While Facebook plays a big part of my businesses - a majority of my traffic is coming from Pinterest and my email newsletters so at the moment for me personally, this is where I focus my marketing budget. 

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I’m going to be super honest here. I don’t really use Facebook ads. I’ve used them over the past few years and while I don’t have a problem with “paying to play”, for me this is not where I choose to spend my business funds.

In the last few years and more so the last few months, the rug was pulled out from under us when it came to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We worked so hard on gaining these followers over time which was bringing us great traffic and sales. Then with what seemed to be like no warning, all that went away and we were told that, yes if you wanted more than 5% of your audience to see something, you had to pay for it. Throw in Facebook’s last announcement on having the user experience be MORE personal and LESS business and well, it’s a different world now. I don’t blame Facebook for this AT ALL, they are a business and we were so using all that for free.

I have said this before and I will say it a million more times, your followers on your social media accounts are not yours. If you woke up tomorrow and your IG was deleted, would you be able to get ahold of your customers? If you are not focusing on building your email list, then you are doing a major disservice to your business.

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NOW if you are still here with me and want to move forward with this then that’s okay too. It’s still a mega effective tool. I mean, Facebook has allllllll this data on it’s users (hello, big brother is definitely watching). The best thing to remember is to do your best with whatever your specific business is. Get as targeted as you can and think even farther past who your initial ideal client it.Get in there, what are they stressing out about? What did they eat for breakfast?

I’m not going to go into the basic of how to set up an ad because this will vary for each of you depending on if it’s a brick and mortar shop or an international blog but I will talk a little about some of the keywords and their definitions that I think are important.  

Boosting a post, is the easiest way to get your target audience to see your content on Facebook and Instagram. It’s the best option if your goal is to get people engaging with your content since your boosted post will be optimized to reach people within your audience who are likely to take some action.

Organic reach is the number of people who have seen your post through unpaid distribution. Keep in mind that after you boost an existing post, the number that represents organic reach may go down. This is because the people who saw your Page’s post before it was boosted and then saw your post again after it was boosted are now counted toward paid reach.

Paid reach is the number of people who have seen your post because of your boost.

Interest targeting lets you advertise to specific audiences by reaching people based on their interests, activities, Pages and posts they like, posts and comments they make, and closely related topics.

Behavior targeting lets you reach people based on device usage and other activities.

If you do not know what Facebook Blueprint is, I cannot recommend it enough. It is a free online training on all aspects of Facebook and Instagram. So definitely sign up and spend some time in there if you want to work in the Facebook advertising world. SIGN UP HERE.

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My Renegade recommendations are as follows...if you have something big you want to promote like a launch or a new product, then I suggest creating a campaign. Give yourself a budget, and then create various ad sets within that for different audiences. Your money will go farther and you will see better results doing it this way.

Facebook ads are very diligent to make sure that they fit into the algorithms they have created so it is so important to really niche down when creating your audiences. Selecting women age 25-25 in the United States is just not enough!

I want you to think long and hard about your competitors, and make sure you are listing them down when you are working on targeting your audiences. Do they eat at Whole Foods and shop at Gap? Chances are they may have liked those pages.

When you set up your campaign, try and run it for at least 7 days. After the first few days, take a look at the data. Is there some edits that can be done? Is there something that needs to be stopped. You aren’t tied down to the way the ad is set up so by all means make any tweaks you can.  

Please remember that Facebook and Instagram are different user experiences completely. You definitely want to make sure that your ads are edited and created for these different platforms. Facebook now allows you to do this when creating your ad, so definitely take advantage of it. You should be able to tell whether or not most of your audience is coming from FB or IG or how many are using mobile vs desktop. You can find most of this info in your facebook page insights.

Renegade Top Tip - Data is showing that we all should be focusing our ad money on mobile ads and video. Instagram Story Ads are one of the most effective out there. You can use the Swipe Up function in it so that is good to know if you don’t have 10,000 followers yet.

**This Facebook advertising 101 post was created off of a LIVE video discussion I did in my own Facebook group community. Below I am going to refer to a few questions that were asked for that video.

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Question: I would love to know more about targeting. I don’t think I’m reaching the right people with ads. Can you target people who are members of a specific group?

The short answer to the question however, is: no you can't. It's simply not an option that Facebook provides. You can target people who like certain pages and have particular interests, but there's never been a direct way to target other Facebook Groups with Facebook Ads.

Question : Can you target people who interacted with a past specific post of yours?

Well you can create an audience based on engagement activity. When you advertise on Facebook, you can target people who have an existing relationship with your business. This existing relationship is the basis for custom audiences, which are really remarketing or retargeting audiences.

You can also target customers by uploading a CSV file of customer data, such as email addresses from your customer database or webinar attendees. This option also allows you to target ads to people on your email list. I don’t always like this option because my FB email address is not the one I use for any of my businesses plus I’m not sure how great this is for new GDPR practices.

As always, if you have a topic you would like me to cover or are you looking for some help yourself, please send me a message

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