Why You Need To Confirm Your Pinterest Account


Do it Now. Confirm your Pinterest Account.

But why Paula?? Listen you, it’s important and easy to do. When you get confirm your Pinterest account, aside from being all legit and official, it also tells Pinterest that you own your own website/business/blog.  

This is sooooooooooo important for these reasons:

  • Pinterest views you as being legit. Google views you as being legit. That means they are taking your site as being professional and something they want to share. You definitely want this.

  • Your profile gets fancy and Pinterest adds your profile picture to any pin coming from your site, which leads to more clicks, because you are legit.

  • You get access to fresh analytics about your account which is super cool!

I use my Pinterest analytics to find out which pages of mine are getting clicks and which are not doing so hot. Then I can start focusing on making more content from the stuff peeps are liking. Plus a bunch of other tricks and secrets.

It's an imperative step for growing your Pinterest following.

Ready to do it? Go ahead and visit the easy instructions Pinterest has laid out to confirm it. If you can’t figure it out still and need help, send me a message and I can do it for you plus talk about some Pinterest strategies.

What Am I Supposed To Pin?

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