5 Must Do Tasks For Your Small Business

5 Tasks You Must Do For Your Small Business

The most popular blog post on my website, hands down, is  5 Must Have Apps For Your Small Business. Hey I get it, people want to know what is going to make their lives easier. Why waste time when we can learn from someone who has already gone through it themselves? Whilst I do plan on making a proper Part 2 to the original post, I thought that sharing my work ethos would be beneficial before I do so.

It’s important to know your time is valuable. As parents, we have so many obligations, that we have to be creative with our time when it comes to working. I promise you, by following these 5 Must Do Tasks, you will position yourself for others to respect and value your time as well.

Let’s get started...

  1. Say NO - Do you really know what your goals are?This year is the time to stop over-committing yourself to others, so you have the time to get super clear on what your goals are.. In the beginning of your business, I am sure you felt the need to say, “Yes” to anything and everything. By now, all those commitments have probably taught you very quickly how to recognize what is worth your time and what isn’t. Saying no is about prioritizing yourself and setting boundaries that protect your best interest - YOU.. Having a clearer vision of your goals and the steps to achieve them, helps stop the doubt and keeps you on the path to achieving your goals. . You have to stay focused and keep your eye on your goal. Everything else is wasted time and comes with a shitload of opportunity cost.

  2. Start An Email List - The reason why I have been stressing this topic from the beginning is because relying only on social media for business is a losing battle. Algorithms, paid reach, boosting posts, you name it, it is always something different each week. And that means, you don’t own your followers. However, you can’t fault IG or Facebook. They are a business too (albeit the same one) and with this recent announcement from the main man himself, it shows just how much of a losing battle FREE social media is for businesses. Email marketing is a fantastic alternative to social media because these people have signed up to be there. They love your business and are eager to know what you are up to. My personal affiliate favs are Mailerlite & ConvertKit.

  3. Batch work your tasks - This is a major one I believe in and is honestly the only way I keep organized and get shit done. Batch working your tasks can often save a hell of a lot of time, effort, and clutter within your work flow. I know that on Tuesdays I work on social media for all my accounts, on the last Saturday of the month I work on my accounts and t on Fridays I hang out the most in my Facebook community. I’m taking it a step further this year and batchworking my blog posts, so I can focus and write up a few at a time and then schedule (and reschedule) them at the right times throughout the year. This means no other tabs open on the computer and no distractions. This year I am working remotely for 5 weeks in Florida while visiting my family and there is no way I could confidently do that without batch working big time.  

  4. OPEN UP - It’s time to bare all. It’s time to get personal. Customers are getting better at spotting and blocking impersonal and cold ads and promos and instead have a a strong  desire to support small business owners and make meaningful purchases. You can’t hide behind your work anymore, people want to see you too. I’m not asking you to cry your heart out on Instagram, but rather invite people in to what your life is about. Talk to them like your friend, like that Ideal Customer you created. They have a name, they have a story. This is how you build lasting relationships and lifelong fans.

  5. Hire help - Maybe it’s a virtual assistant, an accountant, childcare or even a cleaner to come in and help keep on top of the housework. When I have an hour all to myself to work, it is amazing what I can achieve.Those achievements turn into sales and you know what, it’s worth it. Reclaim your time. This is about the tasks you can’t keep up with, the ones that are so overwhelming they cause you to keep dropping the ball. The ones that are taking so much time up because you don’t want to do them. You have to spend money to make money and in this case, by hiring help you are also making a small investment in yourself When you clear your time of task, you will be able to create better work that is more aligned with your vision. PS. Get in touch if you want to chat.

It is time to put ourselves first and become better business owners. By no means are my processes perfect. I pride myself on being fairly flexible still. I allow myself to shift things around as needed, to accomodate a sick kid or client projects, but for the most part, these are my tried and true. Do you have any life rules you can’t live without? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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