200 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

If you’re a blogger and are feeling uninspired, this post is for you. Maybe you have a full-time job or the kids don’t give you much time to brainstorm. Whatever the reason,  I’m sure you know how hard it is to come up with blog post ideas.  I’ve created 200 awesome topics to get you going.

If you’re a blogger and are feeling uninspired, this post is for you. Maybe you have a full-time job or the kids don’t give you much time to brainstorm. Whatever the reason,  I’m sure you know how hard it is to come up with blog post ideas.

Sometimes, it can get really stressful forcing your creative juices to flow. The more you overthink it, the more you get frustrated…and overwhelmed.

I am a big fan of creating blog posts that are evergreen and timeless. This means that you can share the post over and over at any time of the year. What good is creating something that you can never share again? If your blog has a section for holiday-specific recipes, DIYs then awesome. You absolutely can write about your favorite Halloween costume.

However, if you truly want to have a successful blog, you can’t just have one-time posts. You need to have a library of content that you can always share. If not, you are just making more work for yourself.

Varying your types of content is important too. Maybe your post is normal text but you should also add in videos, live video, or audio (Podcast).

You should know what your niche is and what your readers want to read and learn from you. This is what you really want to write about. You want to research what blog post ideas would be successful to bring in high traffic. Share your thoughts with the world!

Consider setting up regular features to keep your content calendar full. On Punky Moms, we publish a new Spotify mixtape every 2 weeks as well as feature a new small business every month.

Just remember: You don’t need a million readers to accomplish your goal.  Most bloggers just need to aim for a few hundred (or perhaps a few thousand) loyal readers in order to get there.

If you don’t know what your goals are, I highly suggest taking some time to figure that shit out. Just shouting into the abyss with no goal in mind (building community, selling products/services) will again, just be giving you more work.

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As you begin blogging regularly, use this list of blog post types to keep your blog fresh. Varying the types of blog posts you write can help you determine what works best for your readers.

You can download this (and tons of our awesome stuff) over at the Renegade Resource Library


  1. Share your must-have items when you have little time to get ready

  2. Why did you start blogging?

  3. Who has inspired you throughout your life?

  4. Share your plans (short term and long term)

  5. What are you looking forward to with your blogging journey?

  6. Share how you take/edit photos for your blog

  7. Share any photography tips that you have

  8. What’s your favorite social media and why?

  9. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, what advice can you give to new bloggers?

  10. Talk about something you’re afraid of and how you overcome it

  11. Share a “Do’s and Don'ts…” post about something you’ve got experienced

  12. Create a fun challenge for the month/season (on Twitter/Instagram) and invite your readers

  13. Create something free to give away to your readers, like printable worksheets

  14. What did you do to grow your blog?

  15. Do guest posts with another blogger

  16. How do you pack for a trip?

  17. How to live with toxic people

  18. Your favorite quotes

  19. Life changing experiences

  20. Being a woman in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc

  21. How to start a blog

  22. Share products that you swear by

  23. Share the blogging essentials that you cannot live without

  24. Share what apps you are currently swearing by?

  25. How do you stay motivated?

  26. Write a “Top 20” or “Top 10” post

  27. Tutorials (text, images, screencasts or videos, audio instruction)

  28. Case Studies/Statistics

  29. Reviews (restaurants, events, software, movies, books, music, gadgets, and other products of interest to your readers)

  30. Beginner’s Guides (get people started on major projects or acquainted with your industry)

  31. Compilations/Resource Sharing (other resources around the Interwebs)

  32. Profile Posts (on a person, business, organization, or movement)

  33. Problem Solving (present a common problem your reader/industry may have, then offer solutions)

  34. Progress Posts (status, _____ gained so far, future outlook)

  35. Behind-the-Scenes Posts (how you do/make something, how you got to your first 100 fans on FB, how you look when you wake up and how you style your hair on a bad hair day, etc. )

  36. Humorous/Parody/Sarcastic Posts

  37. Portfolio Share (just finished a batch of invitations/a website/a photo shoot? Share.)

  38. Memes/Comics/Cartoons

  39. Cheat Sheets (including study guides, tips, tricks, methods, shortcuts, rules, etc.)

  40. Contests/Sweepstakes

  41. In-depth answers to reader questions (take a question and make a whole post/series from it)

  42. Events/Announcements/Updates (1-yr blog anniversary, an upcoming party, new product releases)

  43. Customer Showcase (unique ways clients are using your tools, exciting customer achievements)

  44. Meet The Team (introduce readers to your staff or bloggers–one per post or multiple people per post)

  45. Entertainment

  46. Quotes/Pins (or quote/pin roundups)

  47. Your Response to Other Posts/Videos/Content on the Web

  48. Pick of the Week or Month (clothes, books, blogs, resources, etc.)

  49. Share your to-do list for the day/week/weekend/month

  50. How to keep long distance relationship

  51. How to get through a break-up

  52. How to effectively search for a job

  53. Ways you save money

  54. Get ready with me post

  55. Favorite Youtubers you watch every day

  56. Things you regret not doing in life

  57. Room tour or house tour

  58. Favorite websites you’ve visited this week

  59. How do you manage your time

  60. What do you love most about yourself?

  61. Your desk space essentials

  62. Shows/movies  you’ve always wanted to watch

  63. Experience of working with people older than you

  64. Working with people younger than you

  65. How you ended up in the job you’re at

  66. Cookie recipe

  67. Try being vegetarian for a week

  68. Try being vegan for a week

  69. Patrick’s day drink recipes

  70. Favorite late night snack recipe

  71. Favorite movie snack list

  72. Favorite things about each holiday

  73. What I learned about my first job

  74. Your celebrity dinner party

  75. Talk about your favorite makeup brand

  76. A list of your bad habits

  77. Why you want to do _____ on your bucket list

  78. If your home could talk

  79. Favorite ‘cheat’ meal

  80. Write about a charity you support and why

  81. A local business you support

  82. Facts about yourself

  83. A letter to your younger self

  84. A letter to your older self

  85. Letter to your parents, grandparents, siblings etc

  86. Being friends with someone for a long time

  87. Favorite thrift stores

  88. Fashion trends you love

  89. Fashion trends you hate

  90. Your tattoos/piercings

  91. Your Meyers Briggs and what you believe about it

  92. Unusual Christmas trees

  93. Mantras for success. Positive living/positive affirmations

  94. Introduce us to your family

  95. Your dream job

  96. Vegan/ cruelty-free makeup

  97. Cheap makeup brands

  98. Biggest purchase regrets

  99. A rant towards a trend you hate

  100. Ways you bond with your family

  101. Favorite Instagram accounts

  102. Favorite twitter accounts

  103. A list of your pet peeves

  104. Favorite books of all time

  105. Favorite movies of all time

  106. Favorite band/album of all time

  107. A picture for every hour in the day

  108. List of things to be happy about

  109. Places in your city to visit

  110. A brand review

  111. 3 books you don’t like and why

  112. 3 movies you don’t like and why

  113. Host your own 30-day challenge. Invite your readers to complete a goal/project with you–ex. go vegan for 30 days, start a blog, etc.–then post regular updates and encourage community interaction.

  114. Stocking stuffer ideas

  115. Travel bucket list

  116. Gift guide for people in your life

  117. Home decor wishlist

  118. What your childhood bedroom looked like

  119. Traditions with your best friends

  120. What technology do you use to blog?

  121. 5 Ways To _________

  122. Why I Wish I _________

  123. Your favorite piece of art…and the history behind it

  124. Try a foreign food and write about it

  125. Have someone do a guest post for you!

  126. Blog tips that have worked for you

  127. What are the difficulties you’ve overcome in your blog?

  128. What’s in your gym bag?

  129. What’s in your camera bag?

  130. What’s in your travel bag?

  131. Resources You’ve Created (eBooks, manifestos, special reports, freebies, etc.)

  132. Expert Roundtables/Roundups/Panels (ask experts in your field to comment on a certain topic and collect their responses to create one helpful, seamless article)

  133. Checklists to help your readers complete repetitive/difficult/important tasks

  134. What are the goals that you’d like to achieve for the season

  135. List of the bloggers that you admire

  136. Your most favorite blog posts

  137. Share your strategy on how you make money from your blog

  138. Share your favorite affiliate partner/sponsor

  139. Share your not-so-favorite affiliate partner and why you regret working with them

  140. Share your the longest post you have written

  141. Share what would you but for your biz or blog if you have the funds

  142. Share kids' routines that keep you sane.

  143. Write about holiday ideas - recipes, décor, etc.

  144. Tell about why your current passion is important to you.

  145. Spill your secrets to dealing with babies/toddler/kids/teens.

  146. Write from the heart - a story/lesson you feel compelled to share.

  147. Follow up on an older post - expand or update the post.

  148. Share your voice on current trending topics.

  149. Write about a current struggle you are facing.

  150. Write about your children's birth story.

  151. Gather a round-up of favorite recipes/bloggers/Instagrammers.

  152. Share travel tips - traveling with kids/choosing locations/storing memories.

  153. Create a how-to tutorial that shows your skills.

  154. Describe your self-care tips

  155. List organizational hacks that keep your family "put together."

  156. Share your favorite things/current "must-haves."

  157. Write about stepping out of your comfort zone

  158. Favorite family activities

  159. Lessons you’ve learned in parenthood

  160. Share a typical “day in the life”

  161. Parenting confession

  162. Wishes you have for your children

  163. Time management routine

  164. Self-care routine

  165. Life hacks/tips & tricks

  166. Dating/Marriage advice or life post

  167. Goal planning/empowerment

  168. Schooling- homeschool, Montessori, preschool- your experience

  169. Experiences of PPA/PPD

  170. What being a MOM means to you

  171. A get to know me post- questions and answers

  172. An open letter to someone from your past or present

  173. Let someone write a guest post for you- family, friend, someone in your niche

  174. Write your child’s birth story

  175. Share your life challenges and how you plan to overcome them

  176. Interview someone who inspires you

  177. Document a new goal or project

  178. Parenting advice that helped you

  179. Must haves for new parents

  180. Review a product your readers need

  181. Games your family love to play

  182. Your family bedtime routine

  183. 10 Tips to survive the toddler years

  184. Kids crafts

  185. Birthday party decor

  186. Home decor/Upcycling projects

  187. Home renovations before/after

  188. Natural ways to improve your health

  189. Natural ways to clean your home

  190. Healthy living tutorials

  191. Grocery hacks

  192. Meal planning

  193. Family trips on a budget

  194. How to pay off debt

  195. Learning to budget

  196. Side hustle opportunities

  197. Top 10 Tips For _________

  198. What I Didn’t Know About _________

  199. How To _________

  200. Benefits Of _________

I hope you find this list useful. If you would like to get it in a downloadable PDF file, just head over and sign up for the Renegade Library.