Are You A Goal Getter?

Sharpen Your Focus

With My Brand New Goal Setting Mini Course

This mini online course is based off an interactive challenge that I taught in The Renegade Academy Accountability group. You can fully expect to sharpen your focus, break any creative blocks that get in your way and get those ideas flowing. Not just any ideas though, ones that are going to bring you a successful business plan.

By participating in my Goal Getter mini course, you’ll achieve a new level of clarity on how to set up goals and a business plan. I promise you'll feel more organised, focused and driven to overcome the challenges running a business throws at us.

You’ll participate in several goal setting exercises that will hep you plan out your very own business strategy. This is about setting powerful and achievable goals for yourself and your business.

You will need your calendar, a notebook and a pencil. I have created a bonus companion workbook that is yours to download and refer back to. Please give yourself at least 2 hours to complete this mini course.

With traditional goal setting, everything comes from a place of "where you are right now" - not on WHERE you want to go.

We look at past results... see that our email list is at 1,000 subscribers and say okay - My goal is 3,000 subscribers by the end of the year. I'm NOT saying these goals are wrong, but without doing some pre-work, often one of two things may happen.

  1. You find it difficult to hit your goals. It may be due to lack of motivation, follow through, resources, or even just a change in mind when you realize it no longer makes sense or doesn't light you up.

  2. Or in better news... you DO hit your goals. Except that you're surprised they aren't very satisfying or didn't get you where you wanted to be.

And I don't know about you. But I want to LOVE where I end up. Not feel a sense of "weird... apparently that's NOT what I wanted?"

As you sit there still working the same number of hours, feeling frazzled managing 5 different platforms, and chasing down customers to hit that consistent daily sales goal of 10 units.

Goal Getter workbook - The Social Renegade .jpg

Which is why I'm sharing what I found with YOU in this mini course.

Are you ready to make a plan for yourself this year? Doesn’t matter if it is January or July, this process can be used at any time.

We're going to go over:

  • Reasons your goals might have failed

  • Strategies to avoid the same mistakes

  • How to see your business at a higher level (this is where the BIG aha moment will come.)

  • Exactly how you are going to make money + follow through

  • Areas to review + resolve before you move forward

  • All the Q+A! You will have the ability to leave comments and get me cheering in your corner.

I'd love to have you join! Did I mention how affordable it is? I always strive to create products that everyone can invest in, without breaking the bank. You get this goal setting outline that you can use over and over for the price of a fancy coffee and cake.


Once you sign up, you'll get instant access!

If you have any questions, come ask me over on Instagram @thesocialrenegade or in the Free Community.