My friends call me the Make-Stuff-Happener


Hi, I'm Paula. 

I started The Social Renegade from my home in a small village in the English countryside with nothing more than a baby & husband by my side and a rebellious attitude of knowing I could make a living working for myself. 

I started offering Virtual Assistant services and became fully booked out in a few months. Fantastic yes, but I could not keep up with the enquiries for my services and advice. I had a major realization that I could not physically help everyone and so I knew I had to change my business model a bit. I was known for building steadfast social communities and empowering thousands of mothers daily and so I decided to offer a starter set of training for the so many that were asking for my help. I've worked with dozens and dozens of fabulous small business owners this past year on overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there and being clear with their message.

Since moving to the UK in 2012 for love, I knew that taking a chance was now my new normal. Working the corporate ladder in Florida, I did what everyone said I should do. Buy the house, the car, do the 9-5... so I did it, and I did it well, but it wasn't what I wanted in life. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit that wanted more in life than making someone else's corporate dream a reality. I wanted to do that for myself and for my own group of renegades. 

With a background in language + marketing and lots of training in social media, I'm armed to help you create your own village. I've had my own blog, my own media outlet, my own independent online shop. All with engaged and profitable followers. I've been a soundboard, offering advice and being diligent in my work ethic. Let me help you achieve that too!

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I am so fortunate for all that I have achieved. I am truly living the good life. You can follow my personal adventures on Instagram