For the renegades, the rule-breakers, the misfits, for us. Welcome to The Social Renegade. I believe in making small businesses better. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this a while, I am so glad you found this awesome space of the internet.  Let's get started!


Being in this business (of helping other business owners grow) I’ve heard it all. Allll the reasons why people aren't ready to work with me or think that they can't afford it. There are health issues, money issues, confidence issues, kid issues, work issues, life issues, etc that hold so many of you back from this.   The main reason why I wanted to create the Renegade Academy was because I wanted to be able to help everyone, but I knew that physically I could not do it. I knew that in order to reach more people, I would have to create some bomb ass courses and workshops that would allow me to reach more people.

Real advice, no BS

The doors are opening soon for the Renegade Academy Accountability group. 

About Me

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I pride myself in keeping it real and sharing my passion for business with those who are willing to learn. If you are interested in building your own profitable community with a successful and authentic business online, then you are in the right place.

What I Do


I share effective strategies and am here with alllll the pep talks. I offer a heck of a lot of free info as well as more advanced training for those willing to put the time in to take their business and online space to the next level.

Where To Start

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I offer a free Facebook community filled with talented AF business owners, blog posts filled with real actionable steps, and affordable training and services that will be sure to make a difference immediately in your business


Are you ready to grow your blog/business? Of course you are!

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"If you are seeking help for your blog/business, then I could not recommend Paula enough. From one Mum Boss to another, I thank you."